Me and my goal

Hello, I am Mitchell Katz, the creator of I am a 14 year old Java developer. I decided to start this project because I wanted a site that allowed you view all stats. My goal for this website is to take community requests and make them happen. I plan on streamlining the process of viewing not only the stats of a player but the stats of an entire guild. All the information displayed on the stats page of a player will be shown on the page for the guild for all players. No other site has ever gone this far and included all games in their guild page.

How am I doing all of this?

All of the code can be divided into two major categories. The PHP side and the Java side. When you make a request for a player or guild, you will activate a bit of PHP that will take the info from your current request and execute a Java file that will take that request and return the value that is wanted. For example, if you go to you are making the request for stats and the user is Sk1er. The PHP would tell the Java file to execute with these arguements: request:player player:Sk1er. The Java file then prints to console the HTML that should be displayed. The PHP then gets the output and sends it to the user.

Credits: Sk1er - Head developer, founder
TapL - Idea maker
OhYes - Veteran Trophy Maker

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Email:[email protected]

Dev Log

May 2nd: Today I wrote the about and help pages as well as added the stats landing page and a general improvement to the look.
April 30: started work on player stats. Did 4 games.